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build free back links

build free back links

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Newchic In-House Affiliate Marketing Program

Get Up To 50% Commission

1 Register / Join

Create your Newchic account.

2 Generate Links

Share referral links including product / banner / coupon

3 Someone Makes A Purchase

Someone places an order after following your referral link

4 Commission Get

You earn Commission based on what they ordered.


Referral Guide

01 Click "invite now" button on the bottom of page

02 Others joined Newchic affiliate program through the invite link

03 As long as the invited affiliates have sales

04 After orders generated by invited affiliates shipped 45 days

05 Invited affiliates earn sale commissions, and you get 10% their commissions in lifetime

Know More Newchic affiliate team keep all rights!

How long is cookie duration for invite link?

60 days.

How can i know the actual amount earned?

Once invited affiliates' commissions are active, we will add 10% active commissions to your account balance.

What's active commission?

Orders generated by invited affiliates shipped 45 days.

What's meaning of lifetime?

You always get 10% all invited affiliates'active commission, no time and amount cap.

Any incentive to affiliates joined via my invite link?

Yes, all invited affiliates enjoy 25%CPS at first month. Invite Now

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